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Where can I recycle in my county?


Take advantage of all of the recycling opportunities available to you, from curbside collection and office recycling to away-from-home programs like collection bins at grocery stores, gas stations, parks and other public areas.

Residential recycling opportunities vary from county to county and from town to town. Select your county on the map to the right for customized information on what is recyclable in your area; if it's collected curbside or must be dropped off; and how to get in touch with your local recycling authority if you have questions or suggestions.

Recycle More Minnesota strives to offer you the most accurate, up-to-date information possible. However, we understand that local regulations can change. If you see something on RMM that you know to be incorrect, or if you are aware of more specific guidelines that apply to you but aren't listed here (for instance, if your town has separate regulations from the broader county guidelines), we want to hear from you. Please email any comments to [email protected], or call us at 651-296-6300 (metro area) or 1-800-657-3864 (statewide).

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