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Recycling in your neighborhood


You’d like to encourage your neighbors to recycle more. We can help.

Recycle More Minnesota serves to connect you with simple ideas and easy-to-understand materials to encourage your neighbors to participate. It could be as simple as adding a recycle bin to your apartment building’s laundry room for empty detergent bottles. Collecting bottles and cans at your association meeting or block party. Inviting neighbors to contribute their coffee grounds to your compost. Or just helping one neighbor understand what materials are collected in your area and how to sort them. Even small steps can lead to enormous leaps in recycling participation. The key is to help people understand how easy and convenient it can be.

Encourage your neighbors to become familiar with your city or county’s recycling programs, whether it’s curbside collection or drop-off. Visit our County page to select your county and learn more.

Resources for building associations, neighborhoods or citizen groups

  • MN Green Gatherings

  • National Recycling Coalition "Green Meetings" Guide

  • Eureka Recycling: strategies to establish waste-free events

  • Keep America Beautiful community partnerships

  • PaperRecycles.org, a program of the Paper Industry Association Council (PIAC)

  • Recycling Association of Minnesota: download free signs for recycling bins




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