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The Yellow Medicine County website lists specific guidelines as to what materials are or are not recyclable in your area; please consult this list (as well as any materials you may have received from your county or recycling servicer) as you collect your recyclables. But remember, you can always recycle MORE than just what's collected! Reusable goods can be given to thrift stores or churches, food waste can be composted, some materials can be sent directly to remanufacturers... For tips on recycling MORE than what's normally collected, check out our mega list of what can be recycled and how.


Recycling Guidelines

In Canby, Porter, St. Leo, Echo, Clarkfield, Hanley Falls, Hazel Run and Wood Lake areas, your curbside recycling service provider is Olson Sanitation (507-223-7294). Place materials in paper grocery bags, using a separate bag for each type of item. Place recycling bin at curb by 8 a.m. on your service day. The following materials are accepted:

Clear, brown and green glass bottles and jars from food and beverages are accepted. Containers must be empty and clean. No need to remove labels. DO NOT INCLUDE: dishes; window glass; mirrors; light bulbs; vases; broken glass.

All plastic food containers coded with the recycling symbol are accepted. Containers must be empty and clean. No need to remove labels. Crushing plastic containers is allowed to save space. DO NOT INCLUDE: plastic bags/wrap; toys; styrofoam; plastic hoses, pipes, etcetera.

-- Aluminum: Empty pop & beer cans, clean pie pans and clean aluminum trays are accepted.
-- Tin food cans: Cans must be empty and clean. No need to remove labels. Top and bottom lids are acceptable.
-- Metal: Scrap metal, empty aerosol cans and empty paint cans are accepted. Household hazardous waste cans are NOT accepted.

Newspaper; magazines; cataloges; glossy inserts; phone books; white and colored typing, computer and copier paper; stationery; envelopes (windows okay); manila envelopes; and junk mail are accepted. Paper should be clean and dry. You do not need to separate paper into categories. DO NOT INCLUDE: Tyvek envelopes; metal/plastic binders; paper clips.

Corrugated cardboard must be flattened and bundled. DO NOT INCLUDE greasy/dirty cardboard (pizza boxes, etc.).

Paperboard packaging such as cereal, cracker and macaroni boxes is accepted. Paperboard boxes should be flattened. DO NOT INCLUDE greasy/dirty paperboard packaging.

In Granite Falls, your curbside recycling service provider is West Central Sanitation (320-564-1867 / 1-800-246-7630). Place recycling bin at the curb by 6 a.m. on your service day. The following materials are accepted:

Small amounts are accepted on the recycling route. Large amounts should be placed in the recycling container located in the parking lot of the Super 8 in Granite Falls.

Empty and dry aluminum and tin cans are accepted. Labels may remain on cans. Small scrap pieces of clean aluminum are also accepted.

Clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars from food and beverages are accepted. Please rinse. Labels need not be removed. Separate colored & clear glass. DO NOT INCLUDE: broken glass; light bulbs; mirrors; window glass; dishes or drinking glasses.

Plastic bottles and jugs are accepted if marked with recycling code #1 or #2. Rinse, and remove/discard all caps, covers or lids. Labels may remain. DO NOT INCLUDE: Hard plastic; plastic bags; margarine or whipped cream tubs; ice cream pails; hoses / pipes; toys, etc.

Place newspapers in a bag. May include advertising inserts.

All glossy magazines and catalogs are acceptable. Bag, bundle or box separate from newspapers.

Paperboard boxes (such as cereal, snack & tissue boxes) must be flattened. Mixed residential mail is accepted in a separate bag or bundle (newspapers and magazines/catalogs should be separated). Paperboard packaging from frozen or refrigerated foods or from liquids (i.e. milk cartons) are NOT accepted. DO NOT INCLUDE paper clips, metal/plastic fasteners or rubber bands.

The following materials are not recyclable through this collector, and should either be discarded or recycled through a specialty program: plastic lids and wide-mouth containers; styrofoam; waxed or food-contaminated paper; paper tissues or paper towels; aerosol cans; greasy/dirty cardboard; cigarette butts.


(Last updated June 11, 2010)

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