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The Winona County website lists specific guidelines as to what materials are or are not recyclable in your area; please consult this list (as well as any materials you may have received from your county or recycling servicer) as you collect your recyclables. But remember, you can always recycle MORE than just what's collected! Reusable goods can be given to thrift stores or churches, food waste can be composted, some materials can be sent directly to remanufacturers... For tips on recycling MORE than what's normally collected, check out our mega list of what can be recycled and how.


Recycling Guidelines

Winona County now practices "No Sort" Recycling -- all bottles, cans, newspapers, mail, magazines and boxes go together in one bin. Place all recycling on the boulevard in front of your house, within five feet of the curb. Recycling must be on the curb by 7am. Use paper grocery bags only, no plastic bags.

All plastic materials marked with recycling codes #1 and #2 are now accepted -- not just bottles! This includes certain margarine and whipped cream tubs, certain yogurt containers, TV dinner trays and single-serve take-out/deli containers.

All glass food containers are accepted. DO NOT INCLUDE window glass, mirrors or drinking glasses.

Tin and aluminum cans are accepted.

The following paper materials are accepted: newspapers and inserts; magazines & catalogs; phone books; mail, office & school papers; shredded paper in closed paper bags; paperboard boxes (i.e. cereal, cracker, pasta, cake mix, tissue boxes); pop and beverage cases. Rule of thumb for boxboard: if the product is stored in a cupboard, the box is recyclable. If the food box contains food that must be stored in the fridge or freezer, it is NOT recyclable.

To recycle cardboard, boxes should be broken down flat, cut to pieces no larger than 3 ft x 3 ft. DO NOT INCLUDE pizza boxes or cardboard boxes from refrigerated or frozen foods.

DO NOT bag recyclables in plastic bags, they are a huge problem for the mechanical sorting process.


(Last updated June 13, 2010)

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