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The Rice County website lists specific guidelines as to what materials are or are not recyclable in your area; please consult this list (as well as any materials you may have received from your county or recycling servicer) as you collect your recyclables. But remember, you can always recycle MORE than just what's collected! Reusable goods can be given to thrift stores or churches, food waste can be composted, some materials can be sent directly to remanufacturers... For tips on recycling MORE than what's normally collected, check out our mega list of what can be recycled and how.


Recycling Guidelines

Place your CLEAN AND DRY plastics, glass, metals, newsprint, magazines, office paper, junk mail, boxboard, and corrugated cardboard into your blue recycling cart with the yellow top for curbside collection. Place corrugated cardboard alongside the container.

Narrow necked plastic containers marked with the recyclable symbol #1 or #2 only. Please rinse. Labels do not need to be removed. Discard all lids -- except for motor oil containers. DO NOT INCLUDE: plastics marked with #3 through #7; plastic paint cans; containers with metal bands or tops; styrofoam cups, dishes, meat trays or deli containers; plastic bags; margarine tubs; ice cream buckets; 5-gallon pails; packing material; toys.

Food or beverage bottles and jars any color are accepted. Remove lids or caps. Rinsed. Do not break. Labels do not need to be removed. DO NOT INCLUDE: dishes or drinking glasses; light bulbs; window glass; mirrors; ceramics; flower vases; casserole dishes; broken glass.

-- Aluminum: beverage cans, pie tins, trays and CLEAN aluminum foil are accepted.
-- Steel food cans: any steel or tin food containers are accepted. Please rinse.
DO NOT INCLUDE: cooking pots & pans; scrap metal; toys; auto parts; tools; cast aluminum items.

Newspapers, ad slicks, inserts and flyers are accepted.

Glossy magazines, catalogs, auto traders, glossy advertisements and papers, phone books, and paperback books are accepted. DO NOT INCLUDE: hardcover books.

White "bond" papers such as typing paper, computer paper, copy paper, adding machine tape, notepad paper and white windowless envelopes are accepted. DO NOT INCLUDE: carbon paper; wax-coated paper.

Junk mail, envelopes (including windows), church bulletins, file folders, manila envelopes, colored copy paper and note paper are accepted. DO NOT INCLUDE: bubble-pack envelopes; greeting cards; carbon paper; wax-coated paper; wrapping paper.

Corrugated cardboard (wavy layer in center) and food boxes (items like cereal, pop, dry food boxes) are accepted. Break down and flatten to fit into cart loosely. DO NOT INCLUDE: frozen or refrigerated food boxes; wax-coated or plastic-coated boxes; greasy or food-stained boxes.


(Last updated June 13, 2010)

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