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Cass County

The Cass County website lists specific guidelines as to what materials are or are not recyclable in your area; please consult this list (as well as any materials you may have received from your county or recycling servicer) as you collect your recyclables. But remember, you can always recycle MORE than just what's collected! Reusable goods can be given to thrift stores or churches, food waste can be composted, some materials can be sent directly to remanufacturers... For tips on recycling MORE than what's normally collected, check out our mega list of what can be recycled and how.


Recycling Guidelines

Recycling drop-off sites are in numerous locations throughout Cass County. The following materials are accepted:

Any color glass bottles/jars are accepted. Rinse all containers; labels are okay. Window glass, ceramic, and broken glass are accepted. Place in compartment 1 of recycling drop-off. DO NOT INCLUDE lids, caps, auto glass or lightbulbs.

Steel and aluminum cans are accepted. Rinse all cans; labels are okay; flatten cans if possible. Place in compartment 2 or 3 of recycling drop-off. DO NOT INCLUDE scrap metal.

Plastic containers must have a neck and must be marked with recycling symbol #1 or #2. Rinse and flatten; labels are okay. Place in compartment 2 or 3 of recycling drop-off. DO NOT INCLUDE caps or lids, motor oil containers, or styrofoam.

Place all accepted materials loose in compartment 4 or 5 of recycling drop-off. Accepted materials include: magazines; phone books; newspapers (glossy ad inserts are okay); corrugated cardboard; boxboard (e.g. cereal/cake/cracker boxes); office paper and junk mail. DO NOT INCLUDE egg cartons or wax-coated materials (e.g. milk cartons).


(Last updated April 6, 2011)

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