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Recycling Guidelines

Carlton County's website lists specific guidelines on how to recycle many materials in your area; please consult this list as you collect your recyclables for drop-off at Carlton County Recycling Sheds.

Specific information for curbside collection through your garbage and recycling provider are not available on the County's website and may vary between service providers. Consult your local hauler for specific guidelines as to what materials are accepted and how they should be separated.

Remember, you can always recycle MORE than just what's collected! Reusable goods can be given to thrift stores or churches, food waste can be composted, some materials can be sent directly back to remanufacturers. For tips on recycling MORE than what's normally collected, check out Recycle More Minnesota's mega list of WHAT can be recycled and how.


(Last updated April 6, 2011)

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