Tool Kit: Radio Ads

In this section we have provided the radio ads for the Recycle MORE Minnesota campaign in mp3 format. If you need WAV or AIF formats please contact [email protected]. These PSA’s have been purchased for on air and website use in the state of Minnesota in perpetuity; voice talent royalties have been paid in full for use in Minnesota. There are five different ads total (4-30 second and 1-60 second). If you have any additional questions about the use of these radio ad spots please see our letter of agreement with NUTS, ltd or you may contact: [email protected].

Economy .mp3 | .aif | .wav

.mp3 | .aif | .wav

.mp3 | .aif | .wav

Stop Treating us like Garbage 60 second .mp3 | .aif | .wav

Stop Treating us like Garbage 30 second .mp3 | .aif | .wav

Script for radio ads
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Help us Track the Use of This Campaign
January 2008. This toolkit was provided by the MPCA and RAM as a part of the Recycle MORE Minnesota Education Campaign. Please help us track the use of this campaign. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with a description of how the radio ad was used, the date it will be published, and the estimated circulation of the publication. If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact the campaign manager 507-281-7761.